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Go: Portico Coffee, Waterford Go: Portico Coffee, Waterford

Go: Portico Coffee, Waterford

I’ve recently moved back down to Waterford, to start a new job. Naturally, an immediate and pressing issue was to find a suitably excellent spot to not only pick up good coffee, but also to sit in and have a long hot brew. Much to my disappointment, Waterford is becoming saturated with a certain brand of coffee which I am very much not a fan of. However, on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon, I spotted a teeny tiny little coffee shop, with a promising sign outside. “Badger and Dodo.” Excellent.


Portico coffee, located just off the main square, is about the size of a shoebox. But that being said, it has an immediate feel of a little family run coffee shop. They don’t go in for the whole rush-rush-drink-your-coffee-and-get-out buzz that many places do. It’s warm, pleasant, and really inviting. They keep things simple, and don’t go in for coffee equipment that needs the cafe to be built around it. They let their coffee and their attitude to the cafe do all the talking for them. And I really like that about them! On the day we went in, we were greeted by two of the friendliest baristas we have come across in any coffee shop. And they knew their stuff! They were not only well able to recommend certain coffees that suited the beans in stock, but they were able to tweak our drinks to get them just right!


It’s a bit of a shame that the most of the other inviting coffee shops in Waterford are being flooded with overpriced mediocrity, but as long as I’m down here, I’ll be making sure I go out of my way to this little place. For the friendly banter, a good coffee, and to stock up on Badger and Dodo!

Portico (via Facebook)